Visit East Australia in a van

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Visit East Australia in a van
Visit East Australia in a van

Australia is far away when you live in Ireland and Denmark, non the less, that just makes it so much more exiting to dream about. Three months before the last Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016, we decided to go online and look for flights for Australia. Just to check prices and dream.

When you are in the middle of an Olympic campaign as we both were, there’s no time for holiday travels and especially not go and do something that could risk you getting injured. Every day is planned to smallest detail and the spare time we have, we usually sleep or somehow try and reload, so we are ready for next competition. That’s how our lives looked for years. So, we thought a vacation after the games were the only right thing to do. The thing is, we are both very spontaneous, and we ended up buying a return ticket to Sydney that night, with almost a month in Australia.


With no plans other than renting a Jucy Van, we went to Sydney and worked our way up the east coast.
Starting at the beautiful beaches around Sydney, with surf, sailing, sunbathing and amazing food, we were ready to explore more of this amazing continent. 

One of the first stop was Nelson bay. This beautiful hidden beach with white sand and crystal-clear water, was far away from anything and anyone, but absolutely stunning. We spotted a humpback whale with its baby, just 100 meters away from us. They even stayed for a little while, before heading south.

East Australia also have some of the most beautiful light houses. From there it feels like you can see the end of the world. Also from here you can spot the whales, and we saw a mum teaching its baby to attack dangerous animals. It jumps out of the water, while rolling over to the side and spreading their fins out. Incredible what these big animals can do.

Noosa bay is a hidden little spot. The little bay present some of the best waves for beginner surfer’s early morning and for the more skilled, the afternoon is perfect. There’s a bit more life here, lovely restaurants, a cinema and great breakfast places with view over the bay and beach.

Next stop Byron bay. This bohemian town is full of corky little coffee shops and cafes, and you will find lots of talented people on the street performing their hearts out. Byron is a must. We stayed at a caravan park in the city close to the water. Perfect spot, if you both want to surf at day, but also go out at night for dinner and drinks. 

When traveling in a van you have so much more freedom to see uninspected locations and places. We saw waterfalls, went on a spontaneous tour in air and went skydiving and climbed the highest building in the southern hemisphere at the Gold Coast, saw landscapes and coastlines in the most beautiful light. Went to everything from Great Barrier Reef and dived with turtles, colorful fish and sharks, to climbing in the blue mountains, and of course saw the big city Sydney, but from places you wouldn’t have seen if you lived in a hotel in the city.

All in all we lived a simple life. Just us, our luggage, a surfboard and a rented Jucy van. One of the best vacations of our lives. 

We would absolutely recommend that you travel through Australia in a van. It gives you freedom to do spontaneous things, get to nature and just have a chilled holiday. Only thing you have to have in mind. You are not allowed to camp on a parking lot or on the side of the road. You have to drive to a caravan park, and some places like Byron bay and Gold Coast, can be super crowded and also very expensive. So make sure you call or go online and book it before you arrive to your next destination. 
If we should change anything about our holiday, we would have rented the van from Sydney, as we did, but dropped it of in the north in Cairns. 

While driving through this amazing continent, you’ll see the landscape change from big cities with long beautiful beaches, to great valleys surrounded by mountains, wine fields, desserts, jungles with hidden waterfalls and the savannah.

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