5 reasons why you MUST travel to Bali…

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5 reasons why you MUST travel to Bali…
5 reasons why you MUST travel to Bali…
5 reasons why you MUST travel to Bali…

Whether you are someone who loves luxury or your a back packer, Bali is the place for you. There’s everything from lying at your private pool getting amazing Balinese massage, surf some of Bali’s amazing perfect waves or go shopping in the small local shops. You can try out river-raft in Ubud and race through the jungle in ATV’s, or even relax on one of the many rice terraces all over the island and just enjoy when the wind strike through the peaceful green blanket.

We have been lucky enough that through our sailing we have seen some truly amazing places, but we still have so much to concur and that we wish to share with you. 

When we have been in competition in other countries we wouldn’t always see very much, so it’s important to allow yourself a holiday every once in a while! Prioritizing time to explore, either in that country or a completely new place.

This time we set sails towards Bali, and it became a place that restored our senses, minds and completely recharged us from every days hustle and bustle. Bali was what we both needed and more. Not just cause we went on a needed holiday but because of these five things; The people, the sunset, the nature, the surf and to recharge our batteries.

Bali wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the people. We met some of the most kind, helpful, modest and smiley people on this little green island. We got to talk with some locals and some of them said, not many Balinese travel away from the island. They truly believe Bali is the most beautiful places and great home. Balinese people also love dancing and singing and will invite you to see many of their traditional shows. Though one of the biggest lessons we got told was,”SMILE IS FOR FREE”. So they use it as much as they can, cause everything else in this world costs money. And while giving smiles, you get smiles.

Bali also offers some of the most amazing sunsets we have ever seen. The green island and the blue clear water makes a wonderful contrast to the sunbeam. When the sun starts to set, you can feel the peace everywhere. People meet at the beach, listen to live music, get a drink or run with their surfboards to get the last waves before it gets dark, and everybody looks towards the sunset and just enjoys the moment. 


Also the green beautiful rice fields are to be seen in most of Bali. Whenever you drive a little bit out of the cities, you will for miles see these. You will be able to visit rice terraces and see how they plant the rice. They use rice for all three meals a day, and have many different colors and sorts. We saw many fields on our way to Ubud. It's in the middle of the country and jungle. Here you will see a more hilly nature, so we walked or took a taxi around, but if you are looking for an active vacation, many cycling tours can be made here. In the jungle we went river rafting, drove ATV's and saw some amazing nature. Bali is wonderful both over water but also under. Many friends have told us about their diving experiences, unfortunately we didn’t get to do that this time, but maybe next.Nature
84% of the Balinese are Hindu, and you will experience a lot of beautiful temples all over the island. There are often rituals and ceremonies in and around temples, definitely worth a visit.

If you love surfing or you just want to try for the first time, Bali is the perfect place. You can be a pro surfer and find the perfect wave, and follow it all the way to shore or you can be a beginner that just needs a little help from a teacher and smaller waves so you can just get up on the board. We all know that feeling. We found some of the best waves we’ve seen down south at Bingin beach. We also tried our luck at Canguu. Very different places, but what they have all have in common is, there’s a reef underneath the surface, so if it’s too shallow you can end up hurting yourself, maybe mostly as a beginner, if or when you fall off your board!


Bali was the perfect place for us to get away from our normal stressful world. We are faced with pressure of performing, planning the future, interviews with journalists and more. Now we could escape. Get away from our job as Olympic athletes and having the ability do nothing for 10 days, other than clear out our heads and recharge. We stayed at places where there was no signal on our phones, and not many people around. So all we had was each other, cards and the beautiful scenery. We often do a million things in a day, and would say we can’t sit still, but it was possible and totally worth it. 

While Bali has so much more to offer than what we describe here, this is just what we got to see and experience in 10 days, and for us that was perfect. So go online or contact a travel agency that can help guide you. It will be worth it.


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